Thinking-Critically News PM Modi Scheme Offers Scholarships To Civilians In India

PM Modi Scheme Offers Scholarships To Civilians In India

PM Modi ji has brought in a new scheme of PMS Bronze to every student of Indian Institute of Technology who may not be able to afford to buy his costly gold and silver jewellery. PM Modi is the son of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and has inherited the legacy of his father. It is a common thing that PM Modi is also aware about his birth city as he was made to study in Hyderabad ( Hyderabad University is also situated there). Besides this, PM Modi is an engineer by profession and also holds several scientific degree and has specialized in electronics and technology. Therefore, the present scheme PM Modi Scheme is a very great initiative taken by the government to increase the opportunity of earning decent amount during your stay in India.

Fast-track Your Pm Modi Scheme Offers Scholarships To Civilians In India

The PM Modi Scholarship Scheme offers scholarship to internationally recognized students from various countries with full time studies in India. Each of the students is assessed on their suitability for the intended field and they are granted a suitable scholarship depending upon their results. A candidate who is eligible for PMS Bronze and pursuing engineering or technology degree from a recognized and nationally recognized institution and has the permission of maintaining an enrolled bank account is eligible for availing the scholarships. Before availing the PMS Bronze scheme, one needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria fixed by the scheme.

After attaining the PMS Bronze, one can easily apply for the PMS scheme allowing one to keep his profile active throughout the tenure of benefit of the plan. All documents are to be submitted along with the application form duly filled by the applicant mentioning the name, address and designation of PMS Bronze. One need not to submit any proof of eligibility for availing the PMS scheme. PM Modi Scholarship is a nationalized program and can be availed without PMI consent. PM Modi Scholarship is offered to ex-service and ex NAVY personnel, retired and serving government officials, women and senior citizens, disabled persons, farmers and employees of irrigation, communications, publishing, pharmaceutical, banking, financial, information technology and energy sectors.

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